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New round of SIP dWEdevents start

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A new round of SIP dWEdevents aimed at boosting nighttime consumption across SIP started as soon as the first round of events concluded after an award ceremony held at Suzhou Center Century Plaza on June 25 to commend businesses, business carriers and event sponsors with excellent performance in the round. 
The two-month SIP dWEdNighttime Economy Promotion cum Jinji Lake Travel & Shopping Festival kicked off in SIP on Apr 25 as part of the dusu 8:30pmdprogram that Suzhou government is pushing on in the hope of driving local economic growth by encouraging nighttime consumption. It consisted of a variety of sales promotions, art performances and exhibitions as well as sports and other activities to stimulate nighttime spending. 
Statistics show that, during the festival, 15 business carriers and 3,200 businesses in SIP saw a fast recovery of customer footfall from the previous decline due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, with sales already equaling that of the same period last year. Moreover, several large shopping malls in the area reported a year-on-year increase in sales in May, with the highest increase reaching 46%.
The second round of SIP dWEdevents include bazaars, Jinji Lake Biennale, a yoga festival and other art, cultural and sports activities that are expected to further revitalize the nighttime economy in SIP.
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