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Sino-Singapore Cooperation

Sino-Singapore cooperation

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Established in February 1994 with approval from the State Council, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is the first governmental cooperation project between China and Singapore. Covering an administrative area of 278 sqkm, it is home to 1.19 million people, including 807,800 permanent residents. SIP is recognized as an important window of Chinas reform and opening-up and a successful model of international cooperation. Its also the first open innovation comprehensive experimental area of China.


Since its establishment, SIP has earnestly carried out the basic state policies of reform and opening-up. With successful experience learnt from Singapore and other advanced countries and regions, it has adopted a succession of strategies that facilitate innovative industrial development, economic globalization and urban modernization. Due to the efforts, it has made remarkable achievements in both economic and social development, including setting up a management system and an operation mechanism in line with international norms. To support its development, the Chinese and Singaporean governments founded the Joint Steering Council, blazing a trail for mutually-beneficial international economic cooperation.

Organization of China-Singapore Joint Steering Council: 

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