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Exhibition in SIP tells stories about Chinese Womens Volleyball Team

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Sponsored by Jiangsu Sports Bureau, the exhibition themed The Mission and Spirit of Chinese Womens Volleyball Team kicked off at Harmony Times Square, SIP on June 30, and will last till July 5. Among the exhibits are over 40 items related to the national volleyball team as well as a large amount of pictures paired with texts to showcase its glories.
Gong Xiangyu, a Jiangsu native who won a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics as a member of the Chinese Womens Volleyball Team, gave an introduction to the exhibition at the opening ceremony.
The exhibition is designed to help the public better understand the sport of volleyball and the Chinese Womens Volleyball Teams spirit of striving hard for success, and, most importantly, increase the publics interest in physical exercises that are good for their health, the girl said. 
The exhibits show how the Chinese womens volleyball team was founded in 1976 and how hard the players worked to chalk up one victory after another. They are inspiring me to endeavor to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional volleyball player, said a student from a sports school in Suzhou. 
It is noteworthy that there are creative cultural products on sale at the exhibition, and the visitors also have chances to get a free one.
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