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Wu Qingwen visits Jinji Lake for a survey on water environment

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CPC SIP Working Committee secretary Wu Qingwen and his contingent visited SIPdG Jinji Lake and its surroundings on June 19 for a survey on the water quality and environment there. 
The officials first visited Muchengang Water Management Center and Fenghuangjing Ship Lock where they gained a better understanding of a series of projects for water environment management and observed the working process of an automatic system for water management. 
The officials then had a boat tour on the lake to learn more about the measures for prevention and control of floods and blue algae propagation. After that, they visited the construction site of Jinji Lake Tunnel, a project to connect the east and west banks of Jinji Lake, and acquired a good knowledge of the projects progress.
In the process of the survey tour, Wu emphasized the lakes role in local water resource and environment management and tourism development, and offered instructions for its future management. 
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