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Huawei formally opens AI innovation center in SIP

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Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei formally opened the Huawei (Suzhou) Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center in SIP on June 19. The new facility is positioned as a service hub for AI innovation in the Yangtze River Delta region, and is expected to bring Huaweis superb R&D resources including talents, technologies and advanced concepts to SIP to help propel application of AI technologies across the area.
It is reported that the center currently boasts 13 operating teams which have made surveys among over 260 SIP-based enterprises and established partnerships with 64 of them in seeking and implementing AI solutions that are helpful for the enterprises operations. Besides, the center hosts salon sessions and partnering and other events on a regular basis to help facilitate AI talent cultivation and AI innovation and application in SIP.
The 2020 Huawei Cup AI Application and Innovation Competition kicked off concurrently, and will last till late August. The event is paired with roadshows and training courses to discover excellent AI professionals and projects and give them a leg up in their development.
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