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Suzhou Nissho Club delegation visits SIP

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SIP Investment Promotion Bureau and Suzhou Japanese Society of Commerce and Industry (also known as Suzhou Nissho Club), an organization dedicated to lending Japanese enterprises a hand in their development in Suzhou, jointly organized an exchange event on June 19. It was the first event the two parties have organized since they signed an agreement early this month to launch cooperation in investment promotion. In the event, a team of executives from Suzhou Nissho Club had a tour around SIP and gained a comprehensive knowledge of its business environment.
The guests first visited SIP Planning Exhibition Hall where they learnt about SIPdG development over the past 26 years, especially the local conditions for the development of business startups, technology innovation and research projects and emerging industries.
After that, the guests attended a symposium with several officials from SIP Investment Promotion Bureau, and listened to their introductions to the development of Japanese companies in SIP and SIPdG business supporting policies and services, industrial layout and future development strategies. The guests then shared their feelings about SIP, saying that Suzhou Nissho Club would like to continuously enhance cooperation with SIP in serving Japanese businesses in Suzhou and helping introducing more Japanese projects into SIP.
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