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Soochow University sets up AI co-innovation center in YLPTR

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Soochow University (SU), a prestigious university in Suzhou, East ChinadG Jiangsu province, inaugurated the SU AI Co-innovation Center at SIPdG Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) on June 22. The center will specialize in developing smart solutions for psychological assessment and intervention. 
At the event, the center unveiled a chatbot called diaoxindwhich, the first robot for psychological intervention in the country, can seize the usersdpsychological changes by scanning their face and reading the blood information and then chat with them in a way that can help relieve stress. 
Concurrently, the center announced to start the operation of a laboratory in collaboration with its partners in the bio-sensing sector to develop AI solutions for mental problems. 
Additionally, the center signed agreements with YLPTR Administrative Committee and several companies to launch cooperation in projects aimed at developing smart mental health solutions. 
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