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JLTSF to start on Sept 22

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Following the first session of 2018 Jinji Lake Travel & Shopping Festival (JLTSF) from Feb 1 to Mar 2, the second session is expected to take place from Sept 22 to Oct 7 at 17 venues across SIP, according to the news briefing on Sept 17. The event, sponsored by SIP Business Association, is designed to offer tourists and local citizens unique recreational and shopping experiences relying on the abundant local tourism and commercial resources.

The venues, such as Suzhou Center, SZOSC commercial plaza, Suzhou Harmony Times Square, old Xietang Street and HB World, are carefully selected to meet people's demands for both sightseeing and shopping.

It is reported that 50,000 free tailor-made shopping maps will be distributed at the venues for the holders to collect points for opportunities to win a slice of money prize totaling RMB 100,000. Apart from that, gift and cash coupons for shopping, taxi and other services will be available.

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