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IWS China Exhibition opens in SIP

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Jointly sponsored by International Watercolor Society (IWS), Suzhou Artists Association and SIP's Ming Gallery of Art, the 2nd IWS China Exhibition opened at Ligongdi Cultural and Creative Block, SIP on Nov 9 and is free to the public till Dec 9.

On display are nearly 100 gorgeous watercolors by 29 renowned contemporary artists from China, Russia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Australia and France, all boasting innovative themes and exquisite painting skills.

One of the exhibits: My Favorite Cafe

It is learnt that IWS, founded in 2012 by Turkish-Canadian artist Atanur Dogan, is the world's largest community for watercolor artists to exchange ideas and showcase their talents, with over 100 branches worldwide. The IWS China Exhibition, first held in Shanghai in 2016, is expected to serve as a bridge between Chinese and overseas watercolor artists and enthusiasts.

This year's event also includes a series of exchange activities. On the opening day, Chen Jian, a Chinese artist whose works are on display, gave a lecture on watercolor creation. Besides, there will be a three-day painting tour where over 10 artists from around the globe will exchange their skills and opinions with each other.

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