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Panasonic starts construction on headquarters building in SIP

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Panasonic Corporation, the renowned Japanese electronics giant and a Fortune 500 enterprise, broke ground on a headquarters building in SIP on June 30, in a move to expand its deployment in the fast-growing high-tech park. The project is set to complete next year.
It is learnt that the century-old corporation has set up a number of facilities in SIP over the past 20 years for R&D activities, high-end manufacturing and marketing of air conditioning equipment. The new project will serve as the headquarters of Air Conditioner (China) Co Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary the corporation founded in SIP in 2018. With offices for planning, R&D and marketing departments, exhibition halls and a training center, it is expected to help Panasonic achieve more integrated development in the area.
dhe new headquarters will also be dedicated to promoting cooperation between Panasonic and local partners in developing new technologies and products,dsaid Mr. Kiyoshi Otaki, PanasonicdG senior vice president and China & Northeast Asia Company director. Mr. Kiyoshi Otaki met with CPC SIP Working Committee secretary Wu Qingwen the day before to discuss future cooperation
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