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Leaders of peoples congress committee visited CSSD

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Zhang Yongqing, director of SIP Peoples Congress Working Committee, Sun Yanyan, deputy director of the committee, and their contingent visited China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group Co Ltd (CSSD), a Sino-Singaporean joint venture dedicated to SIPs development and operation, on June 29 to learn about its conditions and offer advice for its future development. 
Founded in 1994, CSSD has made remarkable contributions to SIPs infrastructure construction, and has helped attract over 800 foreign-funded enterprises and more than 1,000 domestic-funded projects to SIP relying on its efficient global investment promotion network. Moreover, it has been enhancing efforts in recent years to set up SIP-like industrial parks home and abroad to help drive local development with SIPs good practices. With continuously improved comprehensive strength, the company went public at Shanghai Stock Exchange last December. 
In the visit, Zhang and his fellows had a tour around the company and then attended a meeting with its executives. In the process, they gained a holistic picture of the companys evolution trajectory, operation mode, outcomes and future visions. Zhang advised the company to enhance efforts in investment promotion, capital operations, asset management and overseas expansion to pursue a stronger development, and promised that SIP Peoples Congress Working Committee will give the company its full support as always. 
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