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Tourism continues steady recovery during Dragon Boat Festival holiday

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Tourism in SIP continued a steady recovery during the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival holiday from June 25 to 27, despite of a slower growth compared with that during the Chinese Qingming Festival holiday in April and May Day holiday in May due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic and the rainy weather in the area.
Jinji Lake Scenic Area and HB World, two of the most sought-after tourist attractions in SIP, reported a total of 239,300 tourist arrivals, while seven hotels located around Jinji Lake recorded a total operating income of RMB 6.3 million. Besides, the local shopping spots like Jiuguang Department Store and Shin Kong Place saw sharp surge in operating income, too. The overall development of the local tourism industry has got back to the level of the same period last year.
Considering COVID-19dG threat on human health and the traveling restrictions being implemented home and abroad to contain the disease, most tourists chose  short-distance road trips. Many of the tourists who visited SIP during the holiday came from the neighboring cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Wuxi.
It is worth mentioning that SIPdG recent serial events aimed at boosting nighttime consumption, including sales promotions, art performances and exhibitions as well as sports and other activities, showed good effect in attracting tourists and stimulating consumption during the festival.
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