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Provincial inspection team surveys education supervision in SIP

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An inspection team from the education supervision authorities of East ChinadG Jiangsu province visited SIP on June 29 for a survey on the implementation of the dYesignated Supervisor Education Supervision Mechanismdamong local kindergartens.
It is learnt that Chinese government adopted the mechanism in 2013, requiring local education authorities to appoint supervisors for all primary and middle schools under their jurisdiction for better regulation of education for children, and later expanded its application scope to cover kindergartens.
SIP has established an efficient patrol, training, evaluation and experience exchange system for the implementation of the mechanism over the past few years. There are now 44 education supervisors and a number of chief supervisors in charge of overseeing the educational activities and management of the kindergartens across the area.
In the tour, the inspection team listened to reports about the implementation of the mechanism, reviewed related documents and observed the process of supervisors working in kindergartens. Based on that, the inspectors gave high praise to SIPdG efforts in executing the mechanism and offered advice for future work.
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