SIP authorities clarify tasks and goals for household waste sorting
SIP authorities convened a meeting on May 29 to make deployment for household waste sorting. It is learnt that SIP has been a forerunner in implementing waste sorting. The local fixed-time, fixed-site waste drop-off mechanism which requires residents to drop their sorted waste at designated sites during designated time has been rolled out in about 100 residential quarters with effective supervision measures. Besides, the local authorities at different levels have carried out a long list of programs to help local residents develop the habit of waste sorting and enhance their waste sorting skills. [MORE] 1.jpg
13.jpg Residents highly motivated to practice waste sorting
Ms. Tang, a resident in Hanlinyuan Residential Quarter, got full marks in all of four tests held in the area this month for the purpose of helping the local residents improve their waste sorting skills. ˇ§I learnt knowledge on waste sorting from news reports and games in my phone,ˇ¨ she said. In the interview, Tang also gave an introduction to the smart recycling bins in her residential quarter. ˇ§It is very convenient. You just need to scan the QR code to open it and put your recyclable waste in. T... [MORE]
2.jpg Fixed-time and fixed-site waste drop-off rate at Boyuefu reaches 95%
Boyuefu Residential Quarter started to pilot the fixed-time, fixed-site waste drop-off mechanism for household waste disposal in December 2019. Now, the local waste drop-off rate under the mechanism is 95%, a substantial increase from last yearˇ¦s 60%. The new waste disposal mode has led to significant reduction of daily waste generation and a rise of waste recycling rate. [MORE]
7.jpg Continuous infrastructure construction to ensure better waste disposal
In addition to measures taken to increase the local residentsˇ¦ awareness and skills of waste sorting, SIP has quickened its step to build a number of facilities for efficient waste disposal. For example, SIP launched a project in 2018 to build facilities for disposal of kitchen and landscape waste. Part of the facilities is now in trial operation, while another part is in construction. The construction of other facilities is going well as scheduled. [MORE]