SIP embraces an innovation-based strategy for development of financial industry
SIP, one of the areas with the largest number of financial institutions in East China’s Jiangsu province, embraces an innovation-based strategy for the development of the local financial industry. The FTZ is becoming a new highland for the implementation of the strategy. The FTZ includes a 10-square-kilometer zone which, centering on Jinji Lake, is dotted with about 1,000 financial institutions, including the branches of many domestically and globally renowned banks.[MORE] 金融創新“賦能”產業發展 6.jpg
金融創新“賦能”產業發展 1.jpg FTZ’s development drives a boom of innovative financial products and services
Innovative financial products and services have been springing up following the implementation of a series of reform and innovation policies in the FTZ. Below are two examples. [MORE]
金融創新“賦能”產業發展 2.jpg Financial services help facilitate business resumption amid COVID-19 outbreak
There is also a list of financial services aimed at lending enterprises a hand in resuming operations suspended due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. [MORE]
金融創新“賦能”產業發展 5.jpg Financial institutions and tech companies join hands for win-win development
SIP encourages financial institutions and tech companies to collaborate for win-win development. For this, the 2019 Financial Innovation Awards included the “Fintech Innovation Award”. [MORE]