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Spring Festival fair to kick off Thursday

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The 2nd Suzhou Spring Festival Fair is set to take place at Suzhou International Expo Centre, SIP from Jan 17 to 28, the latest news said. The annual fair has become one of the biggest local shopping sprees since it was initiated last year for citizens to stock goods for the Chinese New Year which, also referred to as Spring Festival, will fall on Feb 5 this year.

It is reported that the 10,000-square-meter exhibition hall will then be packed with over 100,000 kinds of food products, household supplies, garments and festival gifts from more than 500 well-known suppliers nationwide. Besides, many traditional Suzhou handicrafts such as those for making sugar figurines, dough figurines and straw-braided products will be demonstrated at the event.

It is noteworthy that there will be many products directly from the manufacturers and those in year-end sales promotion so that the prices of some of the products will be nearly 50% off, and the first 300 visitors each day from Jan 17 to 19 will have chances to receive a cash coupon worth RMB 10. Moreover, there will be on-site after-sale services to deal with complaints, if any.

Gusu Evening News
January 11, 2019